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Advertising on sugar sachets

It is becoming harder to find the right way to convey your advertising message; people have less and less time and they're increasingly inundated with messages to which they pay no attention. How to promote your business? The best method would be to use just an innovative way that attracts the attention of consumers, because it makes you different from the mass: the sugar sachet.

pubblicità sulle bustine


The sugar sachet has the great advantage of being seen into a moment of relaxation at the bar or restaurant. The sugar sachets are seen every day in many public places, thousands of people, for a certain period of time. Advertising is repeated and is thus more easily impressed. The customer may decide the area and period of distribution, and the use for 1 or both sides of the sachet.

The cost of advertising should be understood as advertising space made available on each side, so you can make your advertising on one side or both sides of the sachet of sugar.