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Printing Methods

To print on the sugar sachets, we use two different printing methods depending on the specific requirements of the project.



The term Pantone refers to a U.S. company that focuses on graphics and colour cataloging technology, which is  a standard system for identifying colors in the graphics industry. To each color is assigned a unique code. Pantone inks are used for sugar sachets when the subject employs less than four colors (for example, a logo with text).


Four-color process

The four-color process is the second printing method used for sugar sachets. Also known by the acronym CMYK, or cyan, magenta, yellow, black, it is a color model. The simultaneous superposition of these colors in various percentages allows a wide range of colours. With such colour method it's possible to print everything that takes more than 4 colours, thus the method is appropriate for those who want to print color photographs on the sugar bags.


Sugar Image Technology®

With Sugar sugar Image Technology ®, your bags will be printed not only with higher quality, but you have the ability to print up to 5 colors, CMYK, so in conjunction with a Pantonfarbe, gold, silver, or other special color.