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Sugar Image Technology

Quality Sugar Sugar bag thanks to Image Technology ®:

Anyone that order a hot drink must look at the sugar bag to open it. At that precise moment it is decided whether the potential consumer is interested in your product or your service.

Studies have shown that watching a beautiful and coordinated picture help to capture the attention.

Precisely for this reason it is important to also set the quality of your image.

Sugar Image Technology ® helps you to transmit the message your goal in an optimal form and to inspire to look at the bag of sugar, thanks to the following measures:

We have marketing specialists who can advise you best
We are one of the few companies who are proposing for over 30 years of advertising on sugar bag
Our art director will help you for a compelling graphics
Our innovative printing method (ideal for printing images) has a much higher resolution than the standard flexographic printing methods, which have been used until now to print the sugar bags and which are still used today by most of our competitors.