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Why the sugar sachet?

Usually, the sugar sachet is used to print your own advertising. You can choose to print your logo along with the address, the phone number and eventually a short message. This way, the sugar sachet becomes a "visit card" to let the people know your company exists.

Yet, a sugar sachet can be used for other aims. Here are some examples.

The gift

The sugar sachet can be the chance to offer a offer your customers something, such as a free entry, a free counseling or even a little gift or a discount. The advantage is thst by coming to you with the sugar sachet, the customer is invited to know better your company.

Bustina Alprose

The contest

Take the chance to use the sugar sachet to organize a competition with prizes. People can mail your sugar sachet or even better, you may use our contest-specific web site www.concorso.ch.

Bustina concorso

Change of address

New opening? Is your company relocating? Just communicate it with a sugar sachet. Thanks to the vast distribution network, the news is able to reach a vast audience.

Special occasions

The sugar sachet can become a promotional part of a special event, such as openings, events and anniversaries. During the Holidays, the theme sugar sachets will surely render your activity more merry in the look of your customers.

Bustina Festival del Film